Emma's Extravagant Expedition
A Vocabulary Building Adventure!

"Emma's Extravagant Expedition is a wonderful book  and a fabulous way to introduce words to your children you otherwise shy away from.  The highlighted words when clicked, detail the meaning of the word and sound it out. With characters Emma the embellished elephant, Molly the monotonous monkey and Boris the benevolent bear, your child will feel very grown up reading such big words! Kids will be excited to learn something new and proud of their new vocabulary!  An excellent concept!"
-One Sunny Day Book Club
(Posted on Australia's Apple iBookstore®)

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Emma's Extravagant Expedition - Kim Wheeler, M.Ed.

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Read-Along, Listen, and Learn!

Emma's Extravagant Expedition - Kim Wheeler, M.Ed.

Emma's Extravagant Expedition is an enchanting read-along, listen, and learn storybook that captivates as it teaches.  As children listen and read along, they will explore and learn advanced vocabulary words through an entertaining and effective storybook format.  

Vocabulary building is important for reading and educational success.  The tale of Emma the embellished elephant is an interactive, vocabulary building, read-along experience.  Your child can follow along as each word is highlighted as it is read out loud.  The book also integrates audible pop-up definitions of the higher-level words which are used throughout the story.  This title has been featured in Parents® magazine as a top learning tool for kids. Parents are encouraged to listen along with their child as the story is read.  Have your child say the vocabulary words and talk about the meanings to enhance comprehension and boost word power!

Emma's Extravagant Expedition was featured in Parents® Magazine as a top tool for young learners!

Shimer, P. (2008, December). Word Up. Parents® Magazine, 163-164.